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Saturday, January 09, 2016

The Unmentioned Formidable Alternative to the Faltering Hillary

Hillary Clinton is already losing in head-to-head matchups with the three leading Republican Presidential candidates. Bernie Sanders' lead over her in NH has widened. If this implosion continues - and certainly if Hillary is indicted for her egregious email shenanigans and cover-up - the strongest Democratic replacement candidate isn't Joe Biden.

It's the one heretofore unmentioned candidate who would clear the Democratic field.


 – The national figure with the 60%+ approval rating

 – The enforcer of President Obama's ideological purity; the keeper of the flame

 – One of, if not the, most effective and charismatic speakers on the national scene

 – “Don’t Cry for Me”

 This beloved national leader mentored Barack Obama. Her brother said that her family always believed that she would run for President someday.


The First Lady is just as smart as Hillary (certainly in her and her husband’s minds) but doesn’t carry Hillary's baggage.

Some might say that the First Lady lacks sufficient experience. First, she has more private sector experience than her husband (including, ironically, much more first-hand knowledge of the health care arena). Secondly – and conveniently – Barack Obama set the resume bar so low that his wife can now easily traverse it. And the powerful emergence of Donald Trump on the Republican side makes Michelle's candidacy even more plausible and less open to criticism.

President Obama will have a perpetually "transformative but still unfinished agenda."

The legions of Obama acolytes don’t want to see the Obama reign end. Barack’s and Michelle’s Rasputin, Valerie Jarrett - the Chicago slumlord millionaire, FDR's Harry Hopkins without the brain, Nixon's Bob Haldeman in a skirt - probably doesn't want the ride to end in '17, either.

Michelle’s appeal to women, minority voters and young people – the fulcrum of Barack Obama’s wins in ’08 and ’12 – would match, and perhaps among women, even exceed – that of her husband. Not to mention Bernie's, Biden's and even Elizabeth Warren's. Michelle, of course, would also completely neutralize one of Hillary’s greatest political assets: her potential to be the “historic” first woman President.

Always above the fray, Michelle is relatively untainted by the Barack Obama/Hillary catastrophic foreign policy, our continued economic lethargy and perpetual DC stalemate.

And, soon, Michelle’s nest will be half-empty, with Malia in college and Sasha only two years away from leaving home.

So, the question is, if Michelle decides to seek the ’16 Dem nomination, exactly who stands in her way?

A couple of years ago, I tested my theory with two of the top "mainstream media" DC correspondents. For the first, it was so far outside of the realm of possibility that it took all of the above “hints” for him to even come up with Michelle. Tellingly, he, and the other media luminary, really had no specific rebuttals to the above points. Both dismissed Michelle’s candidacy for one reason: “She doesn’t have the drive to make a run.”

Do they know this woman? Have they been paying attention?

Yes, while Michelle would be almost unassailable in the race for the Democratic nomination, she'd have a much tougher time in the general election. But, would she fare any worse than Hillary - the unsavory, cybernetic, failed foreign policy maven and Wall Street tool who abetted Bill Clinton's sexual compulsions by destroying women's reputations and covering up his crimes? Would the FLOTUS be a less attractive candidate than a socialist with a thick New York City accent who's six years older than was Reagan in '80? Would she be less adroit than gaffe-prone throwback Joe Biden? Seriously?

By the way, guess who would be President Michelle Obama's first appointment to a vacant Supreme Court seat.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

I’m not by any means saying Michelle definitely will seek to succeed her husband if Hillary is no longer viable. But, should she decide to, all of the pieces are in place. The mighty former Barack Obama campaign machine currently christened Organizing For Action (OFA) continues to hum. And Michelle is the only political figure with star power equal to Trump's.

As Hillary's campaign craters, keep your eyes on the First Lady.

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