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Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Quick Case Study in Debating via Social Media

Today’s Benghazi Committee testimony by Hillary Clinton evoked ardent and predictably partisan assessments of her performance and the significance of what was imparted.

Below, I’ve pasted my exchange following the comment I posted on a dear friend’s Facebook post on this event. 

To begin with, it’s important to have a diverse group of friends and to countenance (indeed, celebrate) their often divergent perspectives. Secondly, and just as importantly, always show respect and, whenever possible, harness humor – while passionately making your case.

Note the “Likes” – most if not all from people who have different political leanings than do I.
This Benghazi hearing is still going in? This is some total BS!! We all know why the GOP is doing this. The PBO hatred is strong!! STRONG!!
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Mervin Wright From what I've been reading, these clowns have embarrassed themselves with this witch hunt.
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Brenda Eikner-Jones They are willing to take down a country to say no to PBO! Sad.
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Terry Howard Next President Hillary Was Brilliant today! The Republican baffoons threw everything at her but she was cool as a cucumber. She has my vote.
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Roderick Parr I watched it most of the day and it was ridiculous. I'm no Hillary fan but she did great.
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Lee Spieckerman Yes, the PBO hatred is strong - and wrong. But the Benghazi cover up (which is what the hearings *should* have been about) is truly disgusting. The today-revealed HRC memo to Chelsea on the night of the attack lays bare the deliberate lies after the attack to minimize damage to the '12 re-election campaign.
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Roderick Parr What cover up?
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Lee Spieckerman Uh, Susan Rice going on 5 Sunday morning news shows, HRC on the tarmac as the dead Americans were taken off the plane, PBO in press conferences and a UN speech incessantly and fervently asserting for subsequent weeks that a "provocative video," not a planned terrorist attack, was the cause of the Benghazi tragedy.
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Roderick Parr What does that have to do with the purpose of the select committee?
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Lee Spieckerman That should have been a major focus of the committee. What HRC and the Obama Administration did was equivalent to if Bush/Cheney had secretly commanded some special military or intelligence unit that had minimal congressional oversight to "discover" a huge cache of WMD in Iraq in 2006. Then, after the '08 election, "admitted" that it was an "error in the fog of war." Yes, those kinds of cover ups are serious stuff, not trivia.
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Lee Spieckerman Furthermore, as to the (too narrow) focus of the committee, HRC's vaunted "people and processes" didn't allow a revered ambassador's urgent pleas for enhanced security at our compound in a recently destabilized, huge Middle East country to percolate up to the SOS. Unconscionable.
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Roderick Parr So you do admit the hearing was a sham then correct? The only thing I saw today was GOP looking to score political points and deride a presidential campaign.
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Lee Spieckerman No, I certainly do not concede it was a sham - any more than were the Watergate or Iran Contra hearings. I stated that the focus of the committee's investigation was too narrow. The post-Benghazi cover up should have been a major facet.
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Brenda Eikner-Jones Roderick Parr you are so smart. Thanks.
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Lee Spieckerman Brenda Eikner-Jones So stipulated. But he and I disagree smile emoticon.
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Roderick Parr Ok I'll let it go. I just think the committee did a disservice today to the American people. IMHO. Thanks for keeping it respectful.
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Lee Spieckerman You're welcome Roderick and backatcha for your respectful rejoinders. Again, had the Repubs not demeaned and demonized our first African American President from Day One (which was not necessary in order to counter his policies) - and had former House Speaker heir apparent McCarthy not blurted out that the committee had catalyzed a decline in HRC's Presidential poll standings - the situation might have been entirely different.


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