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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Facebook commentator asked, "So why is Crooked Hillary worse than Trumpissimo?" My answer.

Lee Spieckerman While many who've been blessed enough to inherit millions have either blown the fortune or sat back and lived comfortably off of it, Trump multiplied his many times by making audacious, against conventional wisdom investments and building landmark projects. He believed in New York City at a time when most of America had given up on it and his own beloved father feared venturing outside the family's comfort zone into the brutal Manhattan market. 

Do you have any idea what it takes to build *anything* in New York City - much less trophy projects? The details that must be mastered? The teams that must be assembled and adroitly led? The political constituencies which must be aligned? And Trump went on do build and turn around massive projects across the globe.

Do you know how many talented producers and stars have failed to get their projects on a major TV network in prime time - never mind getting into the top tier in ratings? Trump (with his brilliant partner Mark Burnett) has done it 14 seasons in a row - making "The Apprentice" franchise one of the most enduring prime time series of any genre in the history of television. 

How many CEOs have written books that not only became best sellers but icons of the publishing realm (former GE CEO Jack Welch is the only other who comes to mind)

Trump is among the most accomplished people ever to run for President and, for those who actually take time to watch him do a rally or an extended TV interview - versus relying on snippets and Web excerpts - it's readily apparent that DT is a natural politician and communicator. Brilliant. 

Trump is the first nominee of a major party since Dwight Eisenhower who's stayed at the top of his party's opinion polls from almost the time he entered the race while getting on-the-job training as a candidate for public office (and Ike had spent decades in the political realm, rubbing elbows with world leaders). 

Is Trump flawless? No. Is he ready? Especially at this time in our history when the political class associated with both parties has run amok? Hell. Yes.
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Lee Spieckerman Hillary Clinton is brilliant at massive self-dealing while in the White House and political office; 

She's the czar of Bill Clinton's secretly and egregiously ill-conceived government single payer health insurance program (much like the one Bernie Sanders supports and she disingenuously defames) - which resulted in one of the worst midterm election shellackings of a party in history; 

The mastermind of scorched-earth campaigns to destroy the reputations of (The Other Famous Sexual Predator Named) Bill's innocent sexual abuse victims; 

The senator who, in eight years, never sponsored or championed a single piece of significant legislation; 

The visionary Secretary of State who conceived the "Russian Reset," pushed the toppling of Libya's Gaddafi resulting in the ensuing bloody chaos, failed to craft, articulate or persuade PBO to implement viable strategies in Iraq and Syria, causing Iraq to become a failed state dominated by Iran while enabling ISIS to create a ghastly and growing caliphate, championed the cataclysmic Iran nuclear deal, did nothing to impair NK's going nuclear, and oversaw a disinformation campaign about the just-before-the-'12 election Benghazi attack (including making Susan Rice the patsy); 

The mendacious perpetrator of the criminally negligent scheme to keep emails belonging to the American people outside their and the media's reach and, when it was brought to the fore, who summarily deleted at least 33,000 of those emails and refused to cooperate with the investigation of the matter by the agency SHE USED TO RUN; 

The Wall Street tool and recipient of prodigious Chinese government largess who was instrumental in conceiving and implementing the pernicious paradigm of an unleashed financial sector (which became the Democratic Party's biggest donors) and unfettered free trade - which contributed mightily to the '08 crash and continuing U.S. economic corrosion. 

Crooked Hillary's one and only achievement - beyond hoodwinking Democratic luminaries and most of the media into believing she qualified to be President - is becoming the Greatest Frequent Flier of any SOS in history.


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